Siaran Pers : The 17th ATV FEB UI

Greetings, Future Auditors!


The 17th ATV FEB UI’s Competition and Conference registration deadline is coming. Don’t miss the chance to become a participant in the biggest and oldest audit event held by students in Indonesia!


Curious enough about it? Here is another brief explanation about our Competition and Conference!




In our competition, we challenge you to experience the real auditor’s life by facing cases and situations that will be given.

Challenge yourself with Audit Planning and Audit Simulation, and get a taste of what it’s like being a real auditor!


Key dates for our audit competition:

  1. PRELIMINARY STAGE: September 11th – September 24th 2017
  2. SEMIFINAL AUDIT COMPETITION: November 21st 2017
  3. FINAL AUDIT COMPETITION: November 22nd 2017





We invite you to our conference with our main theme “The Impact of IFRS 9 to Audit Approach in Banking Industry”.


Papers can be written on any of the following subthemes :

  1. Audit on Management Assertion Regarding Classification & Measurement and Risk Management
  2. Audit on Hedge Accounting and Impairment of Financial Assets


Deadline of registration: August 27th 2017

Deadline of submission: September 24th 2017


Key dates for our audit conference: November 20th 2017 – November 21st 2017


Download the booklet in order to get more informations, by clicking this link or


For more information, please do not hesitate to simply chat us or contact:

Evie (0852 1494 2277)

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Line: @atvfebui

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